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My Life as a Runner: A Journey of Miles, Meditation, and Marathons


Hello, fellow runners and enthusiasts! Today, I'm taking a moment to share my personal journey in the world of running—a path that's been as much about mental wellness as it has been about physical endurance.


Discovering the Run for Mental Clarity

I found my sanctuary in running, particularly during those times when stress seemed overwhelming and my mind was clouded with the hustle of work. Running isn't just a form of exercise for me; it's a ritual, a way to reset my mind. On the trail, with each stride, I find pieces of tranquility and moments of clarity.


My Running Routine: A Commitment to Self

Here's how I've structured my life around running:

  • I run 5 times a week, ensuring I cover at least 50 kilometers in total.

  • When a race is on the horizon, my routine intensifies with more kilometers and diverse workouts.


A Shared Path: Running Side by Side with My Husband

One of the most beautiful aspects of my running journey is sharing it with my husband. We don't always race together, but our regular runs are synchronized steps of companionship. It's our time, side by side, away from the world's noise.


Embracing Nature's Symphony

Interestingly, I rarely run with earphones. The music for me is the rhythmic sound of my feet, the bustling life of the community, and the serene whispers of the forest. It's a sensory experience that connects me deeper to my surroundings.


My Favored Trails: Forest Paths

There's something magical about forest trails—their unpredictable terrain, the canopy of trees, and the fresh, earthy scent. These trails are where I feel most at peace, most at home.


My Marathon Milestones

Since I laced up my running shoes at the age of 40, I've had the privilege of participating in several marathons. Each race has a story of its own:

  • Toronto Waterfront Marathon (Fall) - Completed 3 times

  • Toronto (Spring) Marathon - 2 completions

  • Mississauga Marathon - 2 completions

  • Hamilton Marathon - 2 completions

  • Ottawa Marathon

  • Quebec Marathon

  • Barcelona Marathon

  • Los Angeles Marathon

  • Nova Scotia Marathon (though I didn't finish this one)

  • And the challenge of a 50 Mile Ultra Marathon at Sulpher Springs

  • Not to forget, running the Hamilton Around the Bay race 10 times!


Reflecting on the Journey

Starting to run at 40 was a turning point in my life. I wasn't much of a runner before then, but embracing this journey has taught me that it's never too late to start, to challenge oneself, and to discover new passions.

Through running, I've learned that our bodies and minds are capable of extraordinary things. It's not just about the physical distance covered, but the mental barriers broken and the inner peace achieved. As I continue to run, each step is a reminder of where I've been and the exciting path that lies ahead.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Keep running, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep discovering yourself along the miles.

Marathons and Running

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