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Brock University
Accreditation Coordinator; Instructor; Course Developer

My journey as an educator has always been fueled by a passion for Continuing Teacher Education. After a transformative three-year secondment at Brock University, where I served as a cohort advisor for a Tech Leadership Cohort, my commitment to this field has only deepened.


I've continued to play an active role in shaping the minds of future educators, both as an instructor in the Continuing Teacher Education department at Brock Brock University's Continuing Teacher Education Program and in the pre-service teacher education program.

My teaching expertise spans across Social Studies, Geography, and Contemporary Methods and Research Studies, reflecting my diverse academic interests and commitment to a broad-based educational approach. In addition to teaching, I've been deeply involved in course development, aligning my work with the standards set by the Ontario College of Teachers. I've authored several courses that are integral to the Ontario College of Teachers' Additional Qualifications, focusing on the Junior ABQ courses which provide practicing teachers with an additional division qualification, and the eLearning K-12 AQ Courses.

Most recently, I've turned my attention to the field of Special Education. I've had the opportunity to write and update the Special Education Courses for Brock's Continuing Teacher Education program. This new venture aligns with my continuous goal to broaden my educational impact. I am excited to announce that I will also be the instructor for Special Education Part One. This new role presents an opportunity to further engage with and contribute to this vital area of education.

For more on Special Education AQ - HERE

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