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Vancouver Marathon - The Best!

This past weekend marked a significant milestone in my running career—I completed my 15th marathon during the scenic Vancouver Marathon. Unlike previous races, this experience was particularly special as my husband and running partner, Brad, ran by my side, helping me maintain a steady pace throughout the course.

We aimed for a comfortable pace of 6 km/h, and a decision was made to ensure I could finish strong without the usual exhaustion that hits in the final stretches. The last 10 km have often been a struggle in past marathons, but this time was different. The energy and beauty of the final kilometre along Vancouver's seawall seemed to propel me forward, allowing me to end the race faster and stronger than I began.

Having participated in marathons across Canada and internationally—from Toronto and Hamilton to Barcelona and Los Angeles—I have gathered many running experiences. Yet, the Vancouver Marathon stole my heart, making it my favourite so far. There’s something magical about the combination of physical challenge and breathtaking scenery (last 10 km on the Seawall) that makes this race stand out.

Running is not just a hobby; it's a passion intertwined with my love for travel. As a teacher, these pursuits enrich my life and broaden my perspective, which are valuable assets in my personal and professional life. I eagerly look forward to more adventures around the globe, balancing time and finances to continue this journey.

This video I’ve shared captures my Vancouver Marathon experience kilometre by kilometre, showcasing the physical endeavour and the stunning vistas that accompanied me along the way. Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or a casual runner, I hope it inspires you to lace up your running shoes and explore the world one step at a time.


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